It's Love -- Mali Sabatasso Jewelry

One of my best friends is what most people call a "free spirit". I call her a dirty hippie, but despite her crazy, Jim-Morrison worshiping, patchouli -scented facade, she is actually one of the most stylish people I know. She has collected big stone jewelry since high school, which she explains is "just like owning a piece of the earth." She was the person who first got me into big gemstone jewelry, but the "Staten Island girl" in me just wants a little sparkle -- don't judge!

Now, I am always on the lookout for pieces that combine beautiful organic elements without sacrificing glitz and I think I have found my jewelry soulmate in Mali Sabatasso. Her pieces (made with real stones, shells, and even starfish) are pretty much the definition of earthy glamour.

Some of my top picks below:

(Split Shell Earrings, $195)

(Amethyst Cluster Ring, $276)

(Real Starfish Necklace, $195)

(Cowrie Shell Bracelet, $225)(Real Sand Dollar Necklace, $195)
(Fuschia Quartz Cluster Ring, $287)